Our objective & commitment

Our objective & commitment

The principal objective is the industrial production of fruits of papaya and some of these derivate at Senegal, in the subregions and
at the export.

Social insertion of women at Pride Senegal

Being cooperative and fair is the main goal of our projects as they must facilitate the reinsertion of women and young people on the job market in order to help them acquire a financial autonomy. That’s why we focus on a long term investment in the available human resources in Senegal.

Our projects are formative notably with a sensitization of the actors about the respects of the instructions that will allow them to increase their agricultural production and develop alternatives for the current market gardening in small structures or cooperatives.

Our projects must be developed in symbiosis with the various Aid and Development organisations in order to perpetuate them and encourage the socio-economic reinsertion of the most vulnerable and poor people.

A close follow-up and collaboration with our agricultural engineers is planned for the respect of the inputs use and to have a varied cultivation.

We use the plants-care products in a very moderate way , that’s why we only use products with restrained spectrum to avoid the deterioration of the environment uselessly when we are fighting an infection or a particular parasite.

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