Our company

Our company

Pride Senegal is a company with Belgian shareholding and adminitrators.

These shareholders have been living in Senegal since 2006 via another company that is active in One-line services, communication, data processing and informatic development.

Targeting to go further in their professional collaboration with the country and villing to diversify their activities, the three shareholders have decided to take a new challenge. With a significant number of contacts in the agricultural domain, more particularly in the domain of fruit production, they have decided to create Pride Senegal.

Notre entreprise - Pride Senegal

PRIDE works in an autonomic way and in short circuit. In other words, the produced fruits and their derivatives are transformed and conditioned in Senegal

With this approach, Pride supplies products of good quality and contributes to the social development in the country where the fruits are cultivated.

After 10 years of presence in Senegal, Pride has naturally oriented a project of Papaw production and has already led many campaigns in Casamance and several agricultural areas with different NGO with great results without having a negativeview of the other agricultural areas that are under study for this type of activity.

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