Our achievement

Our achievement

Keur Momar Sarr (Louga) 2012-2015

In a partnership  with ANIDA, Pride planted  around 50000 feets of Papaya trees with its P111 variety. Owing to the aridity of the area, an important quantity of water and fertilizers was needed. Over 3 years, important harvests of fruits destined to the fresh market and to transformation had been completed.

An important quantity of the production had been issued  on the local market.

At the end of the production cycle, Pride decided to move and continue its programs of production in other areas  owing to the bad conditions of the weather (dry, wind…)

Niaye Thies

Niaye (Thies) 2013-2015

After a meeting with a private producer from the department of Tivaouane more precisely Notto, PRIDE accepted to plant 75000 plants of the P111 hybrid variety. The project consisted in transforming several  orchards  of mangoes to Papaya yards. We got a very  good  nursery and an excellent growth, but  a lack of water from the partner slowed the production and reduced the harvests.

The harvest was less important than expected but it allowed to make a series of  very important experimentations  and tests.
A study from a very reliable company in the domain had concluded that if there were  enough water in the area of the Niayes it  could be an excellent area for  fruits  production.

Keur Momar Sarr

Ziguinchor-Bignona (Casamance) 2015-2018

After a long prospecting on the South of the country, the company Pride decided to produce Papaya in this area. In this context, a partnership convention was signed with the Non Governmental organisation Apran and 50 other local producers. The main objective consisted in producing cold fruits destined to the local market and the neighbour regions on an area of 50 hectars.

A co-cultivation had been achieved successfully on different particles. The product had been sold successfully on the local market as well as on the subregion market.

The production in this more rainy area was excellent and the harvest was highly over the average.The number of  Customers increased in an unprecedented way and the distribution ground got larger.
Inspired by that more than positive experience, Pride has already new plans and is looking for solutions in order to start a plantation in a wider range in this part of the country .

Ziguinchor Bignona (Casamance)
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