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Pride Senegal is a company that is active in various agricultural areas more particularly in that ‘Channel of Papaya’.

The various studies conducted over the last years and numerous plantations taken in charge in various Senegalese regions have permitted our team to acquire a significant experience and a strong knowledge in the cultivation of fruits and more particularly in the production of Papaya. The papaya project is based on the production of fresh fruits destined to transformation markets and the extraction of Papaya milk.

The production is only possible in hot and irrigated regions; some biotopes are found generally in West and Central Africa. Thanks to its cooperative program, its political stability, its policy of welcoming great agricultural projects, its economic growth,the availability of infractures, the competive workforce and its strategic position in regards of transports Senegal could be the proper place to become a central pole of development of papaya production as well as its derivatives.

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